Subtle Earth Energy of the Golden Horseshoe Region - Chris Russak

Chris Russak
A geological and metaphysical look at the subtle Earth Energy of the Golden Horseshoe Region of Southern Ontario, focusing on the different possibilities of energy manifestation throughout history and topographical landscape.

Presentation: Using a multidisciplinary, scientific approach blended with what is understood of the metaphysical aspects of subtle Earth Energy, this presentation will establish these connections within the Golden Horseshoe region.  Using historical, geographical, scientific, and metaphysical data, correlations will be drawn between the inherent morphology of the region and you, the conscious observer. This presentation will probe the relationship between the observer and the energetic environment that encompasses each observation made to study whether this phenomenon is a piece of a larger picture.  This presentation will explore the relevance of the environment as a medium for various forms of metaphysical phenomenon, and also look into the human anatomy as a key ingredient in this mystery. This is an ongoing research project aimed at providing interested individuals with a basic understanding of the way subtle Earth energies manifest on both a microscopic and macroscopic level.

Biography: Chris Russak was born and raised in Toronto Ontario.  Since and early age he has been very active in the scientific and metaphysical areas of research, finding new and exciting connections under every rock he overturns. An amateur astronomer at birth, Chris has pursued knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines like Cosmology, Quantum Physics, Archeology, Paleontology, Ancient and Modern History to name a few.  As an individual that is highly receptive to new thoughts and ideas, Chris has branched his interests into the metaphysical disciplines over the last decade. Armed with a scientific passion, he is now able to explore the two worlds as a collective whole, and has begun in earnest to bridge the gaps that exist between the sciences and the metaphysical in order to lend a hand in the challenge to overcome established paradigms that exist.

Chris Russak
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