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CSD 28th Annual Convention "Point of Oneness" May 1 -3, 2015

Plan now to attend!  Renew old dowsing friendships, and meet new kindred spirits. Add to your dowsing skills. Return refreshed and ready to apply your new knowledge to benefit yourself and others!

Convention (Fri - Sun):  Members $97.00   Non-Members $120.00

Individual Sessions: Members $25.00  Non-Members $30.00

Location:  Four Points Sheraton - London

1150 Wellington Rd. S. London, ON N6E 1M3  (Map)  866-716-8133

Tashene Wolfe - Convention 2014
Tashene Wolfe Presenting at the 2014 Conention

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Immerse yourself in Learning, Connecting and Self Discovery through Dowsing.

A Radionics Tale That Ended Deliciously

by By Joan Nathanson for Bob Kerr

This story is one that was shared with the Hamilton and Area Healing Network (HAHN for short), the first official Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, by Bob Kerr, a farmer from Southwestern Ontario who drove many miles to attend our meetings in order to learn more about dowsing.  He had purchased a radionics machine prior to hearing about us, and was eager to learn to use it and dowsing in his farming practice and in his personal life as well.  As we often have with our members, we invited him to tell us more about his experience with the energy modality of radion

Online - Global Dowsing Hub

Kathy Wilson, a member of CSD, past-president, and Dowser of the Year 2014, has created an Online Global Dowsing Hub. She created this to bring together a vibrant, active dowsing group that everyone can have access to, as not everyone is lucky enough to have a dowsing group near them. She hopes this group will empower your dowsing skills, connect you with other dowsers, enable you to learn new techniques, and find new ways to interact with the world you live in.

Highlighted Items by our Groups or Professional Dowsers

  1. Barrie Dowsers - Jan 12 - Raymon Grace Evening. Explaining the Dowsing Chart II, DVD, practicum
  2. Dowsers of Edmonton - Jan 21 - Presentation on misinformation and some of the scams
  3. Hamilton Dowsers - TBA
  4. King City Dowsers - Jan 20
  5. Ottawa Dowsers - Jan 14 - Irish Sullivan, a certified practitioner of educational kinesiology and Brain Gym
  6. Hamilton HAHN Dowsing Practice Group - 2nd Tuesday of the month - 7:30 pm
  7. North York Dowsers - Saturday Afternoon Workshops (Nov. to Apr.)
  8. Susan Collins "Awakening the Dowsing Spirit" Video - Keynote Presentation from ASD 2014 Convention
  9. Kathy Wilson - "Wacky Wednesday Tong Ren Healing" (online/Skype/phone)
  10. Kathy Wilson - Online Global Dowsers Hub (online/Skype/phone)

CSD Ambassador Program

A CSD Ambassador is a member in good standing who teaches dowsing skills professionally, and who encourages dowsing students to connect with the CSD network as a source of continuing education and networking with other dowsers. Ambassador appointments are made annually by the CSD Board.

Share Your Dowsing Insights with the CSD Family

Joan Nathanson
As the CSD Dowsers’ Link editor, I would like to ask each of you to consider being a “reporter” through our CSD member e-newsletter. Have you had a personal dowsing experience that enlightened you, and could be of help to others?  Do you have something that you gained from a local meeting that you think other dowsers need to know about?  Are you puzzled about unexpected dowsing results, and want to write a “Help Wanted” request? 

Local Dowsing Groups

We have many Local Groups that would be interested in having you join their meetings. Some are CSD Associate Groups (marked with an asterisk) while some are Affiliated Groups. Click here for a full listing. Please be aware that each group operates differently and may have a slightly different approach or focus.

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